KA Workouts 6 Week Guide


The KA Workouts 6 week guide includes:

  • six weeks of gym workouts
  • nutrition and macronutrient guide
  • stretching and mobility 
  • mental aspects of body transformation

This guide was created to give you the tools to design the health-centered lifestyle you always wanted. Be kickass in every aspect of your life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and never look back. 


 *This file to download is a large file so I highly recommend downloading using chrome and on your computer if possible. It will download straight to your phone but it will take a bit longer, so don't panic. Also, double and then triple check the email you put in before you purchase because the download link will be sent to that email and if you enter the wrong email you will not receive the link. You'll also be able to download straight from the site after purchase. 

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