KA Booty Bands



Get your peach in shape! These high-quality booty bands with premium poly-cotton technology with soft, durable fabric. Wide enough to provide extra comfort and stability. A thickened inner layer with non-slip latex piping keeps it from slipping, rolling, or breaking. These resistance bands are provided in 3 different levels of resistance: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Switch between the 3 levels as your fitness needs change over time. 

Materials & Care

  • Cotton/Rubber/Elastic
  • Inner grip strips to prevent slipping 
  • Excellent portability for on-the-go training 
  • Stretchy fabric that feels soft to the touch 
  • Latex-free construction, ideal for sensitive skin 
  • Use a mild detergent and cold water
  • Tumble dry


  • 3.2" Wide 13.5" Long 

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